Alter Ego-

Allen Joseph Stark

Place of Origin-

Lynch City, Alabama

Team Affiliations-



Spectre Haze, Maya Alexandra

Known Aliases-

Stark, Gyro


Gyrokinesis, Electromagnetism, Healing Factor, Computer Hacking, Enhanced Strength





Current Occupation-

High School Student


Jason Stark (Father)

Caleb Stark (Brother, deceased)

Jessie Stark (Cousin)

Gyro, more commonly known as Allen Stark, is a young hero from the Hero's Retribution series.


Allen was a high school student who was quite the opposite of heroic. He'd usually make bad grades and spent much of his extra hours in detention, However, one day while going to the movies with his girlfriend and little brother, Allen was challenged to a race by a student from a rival school. While he ordinarily would never back out of a challenge, Allen declined the challenge for the sake of his brother and girlfriend's safety. However, the other student had other plans when he pulled a gun on them, claiming that if Allen didn't race, he would shoot them without a second thought. Two other guys appeared from inside the deliquent's car and also appeared to be carrying guns. Allen regretfully accepted the challenge and the race commenced.

Overwhelmed by adrenaline, Allen failed to notice an oncoming tanker. Before he could manage to swerve out of the way, Allen hit the tanker head-on and caused it to explode, instantly killing his brother, girlfriend, and the truck driver. Allen, however, managed to survive, having awakened his hidden superpowers from the shock. Unable to grasp what had happend, he became enraged and after seeing the rival's car begin to drive off, he tossed the burning cab of the truck at the car, killing his challenger and his co-horts before passing out. He awakened the next day and his father explained the situation. He is a carrier of a gene that grants an individual abilities that are often only awakened after experiences of extreme emotion, as in intense shock or a fiery rage.

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