These Heroes's teams represent good and team together to battle the Villains both foreign and domestic.

Hero Teams
Team Name Founding Member(s) Main Objective(s) Date of Creation
Legend League Sarge, Spark Peace 4/25/2013
Society of Heroes Super Nova, Shadow Master, Spark, Sarge Peace and Protect the Earth 2/13/2013
Heroes of Tomorrow Super Nova, Spark, Titan Back-Up, Smaller Missions 9/1/2013
E-Squad Super Nova, Element Man
Titans Titan
Team Infinity Infinity
Dusk Squad Shadow Master, Arsenal
Forest Fighters Feral, Nemtos Protection of Earth's Forests 11/12/2013
Heroes United Super Nova, Spark, Thalan, Protos Earth and Space Missions 12/31/2013
G-1 Spark, Titan, Infinity, Ink 1/2/2014
G-2 Super Nova, Charr, Livewire, Aurora 1/2/2014
G-3 Pain, Feral, Phoenix, Psy 1/2/2014
G-4 Shadow Master,Flint, Sunspot, Dusk 1/2/2014
G-5 Element Man,Stormfront, Element Kid, Electric Kid 1/2/2014
G-6 Orb, Warp, Frostbite, Genie 1/2/2014
G-7 Jetstream, Steamer, Alloy, Aqueus 1/12/2014

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