These are men, women, or entities who are not Heroes nor Villains or do both good and bad.  they also form groups known only as Neutral Groups.

Neutral Characters
Name Alter Ego Male/Female Abilities Date of Creation
Energy Wizard Male Energy, Matter
Fear Monger Male Fear
The Presence N/A Mind Control 10/25/2013
Vortex Female Wind
Zues Male Lighting, Strength, Storms 10/22/2013
Thalan Male See "Thalan"
Jax Male See "Jax"
Maru Female See "Maru"
Aphrodite Female Beauty 12/14/2013
Hera Female Telepathy, Telekisis 12/14/2013
Artemis Female Moon 12/14/2013
Heracles Male Strength 12/14/2013

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