These are men and women or even entities that prey on the weak or cause destruction.  They even go to great lengths to get what they want by joining Villainous Teams. The only thing that can stop them are the Heroes that stand in their way.

Name Alter Ego Male/Female Abilities Date of Creation
8-Ball Robert Delano Male 8-Ball themed bombs 2/30/2013
Abyss Male Death, Souls 1/11/2014
Blackbeard Male Crime Syndicate 1/3/2013
Blademaster Male Blades 3/12/2013
Booster Male Power Increasing 2/4/2014
Brainstorm Female Telepathy 8/17/2013
Brutos Brutos Male Darkness 12/28/2013
Burn Vincent Markis Male Fire 12/22/2013
Calypso Calypso Oriagotus Male Immortal 11/3/2012
Cheshire Female Telepathy 2/13/2014
Cinder Male Fire 2/13/2014
Cold Snap Korago Gratarus Male Ice, Super Strength 11/9/2013
Concussion Male Concussion Forces 12/6/2013
Copycat Male Copy Powers 3/2/2013
Crackshot Unkown Male Accuracy 1/28/2014
Crash Beau Markis Male Strength 12/22/2013
Deadeye Male Accuracy 1/2/2013
Demolition Man Hydru Drakona Male Hammer, Strength 10/5/2013
Diamondback Simon King Male Snakes 7/4/2013
Doom Male 10/9/2013
Dragonlord Female Dragon Trainer 2/13/2014
Dr. Dimension Male Reality warping 1/20/2014
Dr. Gear Dr. Robert Gear Male Technopath 3/3/2013
Drifter None Male Mist 11/4/2012
Drought Male Absorb water 8/8/2013
Dwarfstar Female 2/13/2014
Eclipse Female Time Travel 1/27/2013
Electros Electros Male Electricity 12/27/2013
Fenri Male Wolf 6/4/2013
Flare Emma  Female Fire 4/23/2013
Genesis Male 1/12/2014
Geo-Therm Christopher Green Male Landscape 8/17/2013
Great White Grotan Male Water, Strength 12/26/1013
Guillotine Male Axe, Guillotine 10/22/2013
Hades Male Death 12/14/2013
Hammerhead Krota Male Water, Strength, Speed 12/30/2013
Hangman Sir Isaac Jangrigala Male Strength 8/10/2013
Harpy Female Bird Attributes 2/13/2014
Jericho Male Strength 9/30/2013
K.P. Male Energy 11/29/2013
Komodo Male Senses, Strength 9/29/2013
Lionfang Male Lion's Abilities 7/11/2013
Lockjaw Male Strength, Crime Syndicate 9/24/2013
Mach V Male Speed 3/4/2013
Magis Male Magic 7/23/2013
Master Puppet Male Magical Puppet 2/15/2013
Minotaur Male Strength 1/2/2013
Morph Male Shape-shifting 1/4/2013
Mr. Maniacal Male Genius 10/17/2013
Myth Male Mythology 7/22/2013
North Male Ice 1/1/2014
Oblivion Male See "Oblivion" 12/3/2012
Overlord Male See "Overlord" 12/5/2012
Pearl Female Impenetrable skin 12/1/2013
Pit-Man Male Shadows 3/13/2013
Psycho Vincent Markum Male Heat Vision, Teleportation, Healing Factor, Acid Breath 2/24/2013
Pyros Pyros Male Fire 12/28/2013
Quake Male Vibrations 8/21/2013
Red Soun Male Red Star 12/31/2013
Shield Male High Durability 12/4/2013
Shooter Male Concussive force 10/9/2012
Siir Siir Male

Energy absorption/ manipulation

Silver Claw Male Wolf 6/4/2013
Shriek Female Voice 10/10/2012
Sword Male Swords 12/4/2013
The Blur Male Speed 4/13/2013
The Violinist Male Magical Violin 11/29/2012
Thunderclap Female Storms 5/7/2013
Top Hat Male Magical Hat 11/28/2012
Toxin Male Disease, Venoms 11/3/2013
Toy Boy Billy Tonlay Male Soul Giver 8/23/2013
Tsuname Male Water, Seas 9/17/2013
Void John Rigman Male Teleportation 2/13/2013